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ScholarOne Manuscripts Ideas is a community forum for clients to engage with each other and with the ScholarOne Product team around ways to improve the platform experience. Ideas submitted in this forum are useful in surfacing themes and items of critical importance to our users, prioritizing roadmap initiatives, and fine-tuning feature development.

Use a specific (recent) version of TeX Live, to facilitate replication and debugging

The versions of most software currently in use is out-of-date, often using versions of TeX Live that include packages not updated in over a decade.

Often recent versions have updated and fixed many regressions. Additionally, the inconsistent and old use of TeX Live and other compilation software makes it very difficult for users to create a local environment to properly reproduce and troubleshoot build errors, as well as prototype and reconcile the system's output with their own, internal, document proofs.

The use of a clearly specified and modern TeX Live and broader software ecosystem would greatly reduce users' time expenditures and frustrations. It would also improve the consistency of the expected PDF outputs, improving the perceptions and popularity of ScholarOne for both authors and publishers.

  • Coby Viner
  • Jul 12 2018
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