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Rename Reviewer Files

It would be very helpful if when a reviewer uploads a review file it gets automatically renamed to "Reviewer 1" or "Reviewer 2" depending on their Reviewer number in the decision letter. This would clarify which file belongs to which reviewer when 2 review files are attached to a decision letter. It would also help anonymize the file since sometimes reviewers put their name in the file name.

  • Jul 10 2018
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  • Alison Sage commented
    22 Jul, 2021 08:32am

    I agree: not only would this help to keep reviewers anonymous but would also mean that it's easier to match up comments with the correct reviewer if queried later. It's fine if only one reviewer has uploaded a file, but if there are more then you have to open each one till you get the right one and that's time consuming! Finally, reviewers occasionally type some comments into the box in the review form but then also upload a file. Sometimes this is supplementary information for the authors - perhaps a paper that they want to draw to the authors' attention, or a marked PDF containing grammatical corrections - and again it would be useful to have the referee number in the filename so that it's obvious which referee uploaded which files. It's unusual, in my experience, for reviewers to upload more than one file but itf they did maybe they could be called Reviewer 1-1, Reviewer 1-2 or something.

  • Bora Onat commented
    30 May, 2019 05:13pm

    I agree that this would be a very good feature.