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Update TeXLive and use pdflatex

The texlive system is absurdly out of date which breaks LaTeX builds, and using latex instead of pdflatex to generate the files also breaks builds and introduces a bunch of issues that are an unnecessary pain to resolve. It would be great if you could update your TeXLive distribution and use pdflatex to generate the PDFs.

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  • May 24 2018
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  • Johannes Rosenberger commented
    11 Aug, 2022 09:59am

    Officially “ScholarOne Manuscripts is using pdfTeX Version 3.1415926-2.5-1.40.14, TeXLive 2013” [ScholarOne Author LaTex File Upload Guide]

    It seems that to use pdflatex one needs to add '%&pdflatex' as first line.

    Even if pdfTeX can be used, TeXlive 2013 is absurdly ancient, which makes Author's lives unnecessarily hard by breaking builds.

    Why not partner up with arXiv and use their compilation system? It is almost open and accessible under a permissive MIT license, and the seemingly closed rest (arxiv-converter) will probably be open source as well. arXiv manages to use TeXlive 2020 and support all TeXlive versions they used in the past.

    Another suggestion: To support multiple versions of TeXlive, a tool like Nix might help. I use it, e.g., to pin my dev environment to TeXlive 2020 (for arXiv; doesn't work well back to 2013, I think).