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Associate 'Reviewers listed' email with the 'Send List' button - force it to always send a notification

Currently if a reviewer fails to provide their report, the editor can add a replacement reviewer to be invited and click 'Send List'. However this does *NOT* send the usual email/notification because the submission doesn't change status. It is still 'Awaiting Reviewer Scores' unless you increase the # reviews required, or remove the failed referee even though they may still submit at some point.


So clicking 'Send List' doesn't change status, doesn't trigger any emails/events, in fact it does nothing at all, so is very misleading. This leads to submissions sitting waiting for new reviewers to be invited, but no-one being told they've been listed. Please could the 'Reviewers listed' email be associated directly with the 'Send List' button, and not with the task status as it is now?

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  • Apr 30 2018
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