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If there is a way for a paper that has been unsubmitted because an author chose the incorrect manuscript type to be re-submitted to the queue with the updated manuscript type within the manuscript number, that would save the admin time from having to go back in to update the manuscript id since it is not possible at this time to make that correction during the draft stage.

For those of us that have multiple manuscript types within a journal, many times, authors will select the incorrect one when submitting their paper.  The paper will then need to be unsubmitted in order to make that correction.  Once the paper is in draft, however, there is the ability to change the manuscript type, but not the ability to change the manuscript type that follows the manuscript number (the manuscript id).  Therefore, once re-submitted to the journal, the paper will have the correct manuscript type listed with the incorrect manuscript type following the manuscript number (in the manuscript id).  This creates an inconvenience every time such a paper is re-submitted since we must edit the submission, find the manuscript number, and then change the manuscript type at the end of that number.   It would be great if there was a way for the manuscript number to be corrected during the unsubmitted process so it would reflect the manuscript type correction when it is returned. 

  • Rosemary Schreiber
  • Apr 29 2018
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