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It is difficult to find out the Alternate Examiner's priority from the list. We cant even set the priority of Alternate examiners.

Ref: IISc_Phd

It is difficult to set the priority of the Alternate Examiner's in the list of examiner. We cannot even set the priority of Alternate examiners. Another issue what I am facing is that if the Examiner 2 rejects, the system takes Alternate reviewer of Examiner 3 automatically. This may be stopped.

The required numbering system is below. Please contact me for further clarification. 


1. Examiner 1

2. Examiner 2

Alternate 2.1

Alternate 2.2

Alternate 2.3 ….


3 Foreign Examiners

Alternate 3.1

Alternate 3.2

Alternate 3.3…..


It may strictly taken from Alternate list only, so that we can make 2 sets of lists. 



  • Harikrishnan M
  • Mar 13 2018
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