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Have two tracks for reviewers

I was a happy reviewer until the site was improved. I hate it when the site is improved because I can never find what I'm looking for. This current iteration is about as bad as it gets. I know folks who are fluid with computers and software. These folks use the bells and whistle that show up on websites to help themselves. just makes life more difficult. The reality is I'm sure there are reviewers like me who don't use or need the bells and whistles. When you open the Home Page you should see a tab for reviewer or author. When you click on reviewer the title of your manuscript should pop up. You then click on the title and the computer brings it to you.When you open the home page should also have says: For users who enjoy making the what should be simple, complex.

That's three clicks: (1) Reviewer, (2) Title of manuscript you are reviewing. (3) Have a print icon to click on.

 I should be able to get to my manuscript without reading any instructions. It should be intuitive,

People who write instructions for people like me never get it right. Hire someone who is a computer and techno idiot. Have them build you an intuitive set of pages and drop downs that don't need further instructions.' I'd be glad to consult with you.

Now, I'm going to try and find the manuscript I'm supposed to review.


Kent Logan

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  • Feb 20 2018
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