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Display reviewer performance within a time period in Reviewer Performance summary ad hoc reports

I do a ton of reviewer performance reports for a summary history within a certain time period. However, I often have to filter them by person designation, meaning that the standard reviewer performance report won't work. However, when I build a similar report in the ad hoc reviewer performance reports, while I can filter on a date range, the actual stats (invited, completed, etc) display the reviewer's entire history, not just within the specified date range. This makes the report useless as I am trying to track actual performance (reviews completed, etc) within a time period. I have been told that this isn't a bug,  but the workarounds I have been given are more time consuming that just running the standard report and manually tagging people--and that only works if the filtered number of users are relatively small.

  • Heather Malloy
  • Feb 9 2018
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