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Chase emails for unsubmitted manuscripts

It would be really useful to have an automated chase email for unsubmitted manuscripts. A lot of authors seem to have missed the initial email and the manuscript then sits there for months.

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  • Nov 16 2017
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    21 Nov, 2017 01:32am

    We frequently unsubmit flawed submissions, but our experience is that in most cases, authors recognize that they need to correct the submission and take action without further nagging.

    We do occasionally scan the unsubmitted manuscripts queue, and send a reminder to authors who appear to have overlooked the need to make corrections.  Our approach is not very sophisticated - we simply send the author another copy of the unsubmittal notice with the annotation [SECOND NOTICE] in the subject line.

    A point to remember is that unsubmitting a submittal simply returns it to the respective author center.  So the question is what consequence does that have?  For most publications, the consequence is that the potential publication date, assuming that the paper is eventually approved, will be delayed.  That's mainly a problem for the author, so I don't feel at all guilty if the publication doesn't follow up with the author.  It really should be the other way around - the author should be following up with the publication if he is really interested in seeing his work published.

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    16 Nov, 2017 10:21am

    I think this is a good idea. It will work well for those that have failed to see they have been unsubmitted the first time round. It could have a negative effect on some, but I think it will be beneficial to the many so I'm up for it! Great idea Alice!