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Author's response to Reviewers

Please display the "Author's response" tab as same as the Proof, Details, Instructions and External tool tabs.
After v4.21 release, many reviewers have been complaining that it is hard to find the Author's response, and when we inform them the location they also complain that the Author's response link needs to be displayed in the current version instead of the last version in the Version History as the Author enters the comments when submitting the current version.

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  • Aug 29 2017
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    2 Apr, 2020 04:25pm

    I also have this problem with reviewers.

    The Details tab in the reviewers dashboard has the link to the authors response for the latest revision (such as R1, R2, etc.) not under that revision, but at bottom of page underneath the previous version. And, it is labelled as if it is for the previous version when in reality it is for the current. If you look at attached you can see what I am speaking of.

    This is misleading to reviewers and they are contacting the administrator (me) and asking for the current author’s response. The reviewers do not realize that this last link on the page is the current version authors response.

    If S1M can't put an "Author's response" tab then they can skip a few spaces and put a header such as “Current Versions Author Response” immediately above the Response link to help. Or put this header with link to author response at top of page.

  • Katie Simmons commented
    26 Oct, 2017 03:57pm

    As an Admin, I have received so many frustrated emails from reviewers looking for this since the last release.

    Please add back a button to but in an obvious place.

  • Lindsey T commented
    31 Aug, 2017 08:21pm

    I have also answered this question many times since v4.21. It took me a good 5 minutes to find it myself after the first person asked me. This link needs to prominent, as it is the first thing reviewers look for!