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Ability to pause review invitation reminders over weekends Merged

More than once, I have received complaints from invited reviewers that they were invited shortly before a weekend, and then received reminder(s) to reply to the invitation over the weekend.  The reviewer complaint is that they did not have time to properly respond to the initial invitation during normal workweek hours, before being again reminded over the weekend.

I know not all journals would necessarily want to stop reminding people over the weekend, but could this be an adjustable setting?

  • Mary C
  • Jan 23 2017
  • Open
  • Kim Clube commented
    24 Apr, 2018 12:51pm

    It would also be helpful if we could count in working days for some reminders. For example, we send a reminder after 3 days to referees - we get complaints when the inviation is sent out on a Friday and a renminder is received on a Monday.