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Add More Ways for Submitting Author to search for Co-Author Accounts

When an author submits a manuscript, and wants to add additional authors, they can only search existing accounts by email addresses.

Can the search options be expanded to allow for more detail? For instance, authors could search for First Name and Last Name to see a list of authors who match those details. The list need not provide any personal detail beyond Name and Institution, and perhaps a partial email address like mwp**** Then they could select the correct author from the list.

Currently, if they can't find an existing author they add a new account - which is often a duplicate.

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  • Nov 21 2016
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  • Juanita Goossens-Roach commented
    28 May, 2020 01:00pm

    This would be far more helpful for both the authors when submitting manuscripts not having to know their co-authors' exact e-mail address but would greatly reduce the number of then-created duplicate accounts, something of which continues to grow with submissions and is very time-consuming when de-duplicating of accounts.

  • Simone Larche commented
    27 Jan, 2020 09:59am

    Agreed. Search by name is always better since users have a variety of addresses, not all up to date. Whereas names rarely change. It makes much more sense to search on name (GDPR notwithstanding.) 

  • Alison Pope commented
    22 Aug, 2017 02:02pm

    Please can someone from ScholarOne let us know why being able to search for a co-author by name is not a standard feature?

    If authors are given the option to search a journals database for pre-existing accounts at all, surely they should also be able to search by more than one identifier - in particular by name?!  Currently your encouraging duplicate accounts in my already cluttered database!

    Looking down the related ideas section on the right handside - multiple requests have been made to extend the search feature to include other (standard) fields like name  and orchid ID.