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Adding an author to a manuscript

It would be great if it were more clear how to add an author to a revised manuscript.  As it now stands, the steps are: 1) Go to your Author Center, and begin the steps to submit your revision. 2) Under Step 3, Authors and Institutions, scroll down to where it says Add Author.  3) Type in the author's email address and click on Search.  Most likely the person won't be in the system, so you will get a message that says, "No co-author found. Please search again using another e-mail address or create a new co-author." 4) Click on "create a new co-author" and the boxes will appear for you to fill in the new co-author's name and information. If the "create a new co-author" button could pop up first (under Step 3, where is says Add Author), this would make the process more clear, because unless the person trying to add the new author already knows that they have to search for the person in order to make the "create a new co-author" message appear, it is really hard to tell that this is the process one has to go through to add someone.  
  • Sven Molter
  • Sep 30 2016
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