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Increase number of manuscript flags

Manuscript flags are very handy as they give journals the ability to mark manuscripts for a variety of reasons.   Please provide more!
  • Sven Molter
  • Sep 30 2016
  • Completed
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  • Erin Lichtenstein commented
    19 Jun, 2020 12:56pm

    Thank you for adding so many additional manuscript flags! I noticed that you merged into this idea several others that also asked for additional account flags. Does that mean you will be adding more of those as well? My journal needs more than the 9 currently available. Thanks!

  • Admin
    Sven Molter commented
    24 Apr, 2020 03:23pm

    We will officially announce with the 4.26.2 release in May, but we added additional flags earlier this week to help Publishers / Journals that need to flag manuscripts related to COVID-19. Reporting is not quite available with the new flags though. Reporting on the new flags will come with the 4.26.2 release in May.

  • commented
    11 Feb, 2020 04:05pm

    Our journal requires additional flags to track projects. Having more would be very helpful.

  • Christine Janssen-Seijkens commented
    8 Feb, 2020 10:31am

    Good idea, as it is a great help in labelling the articles!

  • commented
    31 Jan, 2020 07:37pm

    This would be very helpful to have addition flags, we use these a lot and the default number of flags is not sufficient.

    Thank you.

  • commented
    31 Jan, 2020 02:03pm

    We find the manuscript flags to be very helpful; the fixed number is not sufficient for our purposes. Can more be added?

  • Phil Hurst commented
    26 Nov, 2019 02:10pm

    Can we have more flags? We have run out on some journals. I understand EM offers more than 300! Hey everyone, can you help to  drum up support by  posting comments!! Phil Hurst, The Royal Society.

  • Simone Larche commented
    11 Apr, 2018 10:16am

    Yes please! I know you have added more but in the long term journals will need more than this.  And it would be good if this was configurable by admins  with warnings about deletion and change affecting historic papers (eg are you sure? this will affect past papers too. Yes/No)  Doesn't need to be a configuration level permission.

  • Guest commented
    17 Oct, 2017 06:38pm

    Another good idea.

  • Admin
    Sven Molter commented
    17 Oct, 2017 06:21pm

    Appreciate the suggestion - more flags will be available following our next release.

  • Kim Eggleton commented
    10 Mar, 2017 10:38am

    We just asked our teams what they'd use extra flags for - they came up with 15 additional uses!

  • Kim Eggleton commented
    24 Feb, 2017 02:22pm

    I'd add the need to increase the number of people flags to this too - four is not enough!

  • Monica Caminha commented
    13 Jan, 2017 06:08pm

    Good Idea!!!

  • commented
    22 Nov, 2016 07:04am

    Good Idea @Sasha

  • Sasha Ruiz commented
    10 Nov, 2016 01:44pm

    Instead of shapes and colors, I suggest the use of text "flags" which can be configured and managed at the administrator level.

  • Guest commented
    3 Nov, 2016 01:16pm

    Not sure that this is a good idea.


    I agree that manuscript flags are great tools, but the problem is that the number of actual combinations of shapes and colors that will be unambiguously legible is limited, and I'm concerned that we may have already exceeded that number.  For example, we currently have green and blue circles - but whether these are clearly distinguishable depends on the characteristics of the user's monitor.  It wouldn't be very helpful to add more flags if those flags are subject to misinterpretation.

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